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Looking After Your Garage Doors

Looking After Your Garage Doors

]The humble garage door is more complex then you might think, and when they stop working, it can be a trying ordeal to carry out successful repairs. Without specialised knowledge, you might make things even worse. Have you neglected your garage doors and suddenly there seems to be a problem?

Here are some tips to ensure smooth repairs.

  • Safety First – Always work with the garage doors in the shut position, as this prevents a sudden drop, which could cause you serious injury. If the garage doors have an enclosed running mechanism, you will have to remove the covers, as it is essential to visually inspect the tracking as the door is opened and closed. If you are reluctant to meddle with things you know little about, simply contact Fix A Door garage door repairs in Perth, and they can quickly make the necessary repairs.
  • Remote Repairs – While remote control units are very durable, they can bet knocked about and damaged. Obviously, if the remote fails to operate, one would replace the battery before anything else, as this is the most likely cause. In the event you change the battery and the remote still doesn’t work, but you can operate the doors from the wall switch, then you might need a new remote unit, and contacting the doors manufacturer is the best solution.
  • Diagnose the Problem – If the door partially opens or closes, and you can hear a change in the motor speed, this points to an obstruction somewhere along the tracking mechanism, and with things like keys and toy cars being the most commonly found obstructions, it pays to conduct a thorough inspection of the entire running mechanism, and if the door is obstructed in any way, this will reveal the cause.
  • Electrical Issues – It could be that the circuit board became wet, or possibly a rodent has gnawed through one of the cables, and unless you know what you are doing, it isn’t a good idea to remove the cover of the electrical section, as this might cause your warranty to be void. If the unit is still under warranty, then call the company and they will send an expert to diagnose the problem, or alternatively, there are online companies that specialise in garage door repairs, and an online search would reveal one in your area.
  • Lack of Lubricant – This is perhaps the most common cause of garage door issues, and without adequate lubrication, the free movement of the doors will be seriously affected. You should always use the recommended grease or oil for garage door lubrication, and some units have a grease nipple for easy lubrication. Keeping the doors and mechanism clean and free of obstructions will go a long way to ensuring that your garage doors work as they should, and in the event there is a problem, hopefully the above points will help.

Guest Writer – Greg Hawkins
Fix A Door Perth WA

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