House and Land Packages

We have helped many clients buy their house and land package deal. This is an affordable way to set yourself up in a family home in a new suburb and a new community.

Things to Consider

  • Know when your land is to be registered.
  • Swift action is required to have your finance for the land purchase settled in time to meet the vendor deadline. We help you avoid penalty interest for overdue approvals.
  • Do you qualify for the First Home Buyers Benefit? We’ll let you know!
  • We work with your builder and the bank to set the draw down amounts during the construction process.
  • We manage the progress payment process for you at each stage of construction.
  • We will manage the final notice, that construction is complete and final inspection is to be carried out by the bank, before you move in.

This is a long process. We offer you the opportunity to have one Broker assist you throughout which saves you having to explain
your situation over and over again.

Our Lenders