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Car Loans For Small Business


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Do you need a Car Loan for your Small Business?

Borrowing for small business could be more simple than you think.  We are accredited with the full panel of Auto Lenders including Pepper, Macquarie Leasing, Liberty, Wisr, Finance One and many more…

This partnership with the full range of lenders enables us to find the best fit for each small business owner. The best fit means the way forward for your business!

Typically the mainstream lenders want to see an ABN registered for a minimum of 2 years but we have lenders on our panel that can help small business people that are just starting out.

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No Financials Car Loans

Commercial finance has a different set of rules to consumer finance. Lenders aren’t required by the NCCP Credit Act to make full enquiries into a customers full financial position. It’s not essential to supply financial statements, which aren’t always up to date for most small business operators like you, just trying to keep on top of their work load.

Self Employed Car Loans Canberra
Less Than 2 Years ABN Loans

Have you been rejected for Vehicle or Asset Finance because you haven’t been in business long enough?

We have access to lenders who will help you keep expanding your business! As long as you’re banking your income and can demonstrate that it’s increasing steadily then talk to us.

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